Software Cooling Function Enabler for 32bit Athlon Series on Win32
Coolon Project
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Development policy

Correspondence to MSR besides ClkCTL

MSR which influences movement of CoolON most is ClkCTL, but besides I also think they seem to have that. Minimum and FID in Mobile AthlonXP I'd like to correspond to a change.

Bad measure of specific application

The symptom to which a defect goes out at the time of specific application use is reporting some at the time of video revival. When using the application at present, you have no choice but to answer with the way to make it Cooling Off .

The direction CoolON is made automatic where in Cooling Off when it was stationed, and the application which captured a start of application and registered had been started, was being considered, but when having to make it Cooling Off before an application start, it can't correspond. Therefore I'm thinking I shall make the tool with which registry rewriting for making of the following batch file and an extension distinction start is supported.

@echo off
 path\coolon /r
 start /wait path\target_application %1 %2 %3
 path\coolon /c