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[114] DLL error; 'klaudio56' (2006/10/13 22:44)
[115] Re: DLL error; 'Hidemi Oya' (2006/10/15 18:42)

[114] DLL error
 klaudio56 E-MAIL  (2006/10/13 22:44)

   the folowing message is displayed when WI
ndows starts with CollOn

"CoolOn/DLL error

DLL Error
Driver Not Loaded"

what does it mean or what is missing?

[115] Re: DLL error
 Hidemi Oya WEB  (2006/10/15 18:42)


>DLL Error: Driver Not Loaded
>what does it mean or what is missing?

If you use CoolON 2.x, you should install and setup the CoolON by the administrator authority.

Best Regards.

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