Software Cooling Function Enabler for 32bit Athlon Series on Win32
Coolon Project

Development History

CoolON Executable Binaly

Version Date Description
1.0.0 2000/08/09
  1. First release.
1.1.0 2000/08/15
  1. Corrected the bug that cannot make automatic execution shortcut without common startup folder.
  2. Added Report/Info button to Version window.
1.1.1 2000/08/16
  1. Corrected the bug that wrong platform build number setted to report in Windows95/98/Me.
1.2.0 2000/09/01
  1. Added Report windw.
  2. Added Delete button to Shortcut window.
  3. Added Web button to main window, and deleted Info button from Version window.
  4. Added the function that driver starts as service with WindowsNT series.
2.0.0 2005/02/24
  1. Added the function that get/set PCR of all PCI devices.
  2. Added the function that get/set MSR.
  3. Added getting BIOS default function.
  4. Changed indication status of Cooling "On".
  5. Added the function that make Cooling On/Off shortcut to desktop.
  6. Changed REport function.
  7. Adapted to WindowsXp.
  8. Fixed faulty and refined details.
2.1.0 2005/05/27
  1. Added '/Wn' option to command-line options.
  2. Fixed the bug that Main Board or BIOS information cannot get accurately from DMI.
  3. Fixed the bug that CoolON can get only a consecutive function number, when the function number of PCR existed in discontinuity.

System Settings File

Version Date Description
1.0.0 2000/07/28
  1. First release. (Adapted AMD and VIA chipsets)
1.1.0 2000/08/15
  1. Added platform detection.
  2. Added Athlon4 detecton.
  3. Added KX133 device ID 0691.
1.2.0 2000/09/02
  1. Added location of Help, Report and Web.
  2. Added Morgan detection.
1.2.1 2003/02/24
  1. Adapted to AMD-762. (Only Standby and STR/STD)
  2. Adapted to KT600/KT400/KT333/KT266/KM266.
  3. Adapted SiS745.
  4. Added various detection.
1.2.2 2004/05/07
  1. Adapted to nForce/nForce2((Ultra)400).
  2. Adapted to KM400.
  3. Adapted to SiS746/748.
  4. Adapted SiS730/733/735/740 provisionally.
  5. Added various detection.
1.2.3 2004/05/09
  1. Corrected the settings of SiS741(GX).
1.2.4 2004/07/17
  1. Adapted to KN266.
  2. Added sound crack measures of VIA chipset.
2.0.0 2005/02/24
  1. Changed the format drastically.
  2. Adapted to KT880.

Development and Behavior Confirmation Environment

Device type Vendor Specification/Model Notes
CPU AMD AthlonXP 2500+ Using 200MHz x 11 (Equivalent to 3200+)
CPU Cooler Coolermaster ALPS DownBursrt + 8cm 1850rpm Fan
M/B GIGAGYTE GA-7N400 Pro Chipset: nFroce2 Ultra400
P/S SeaSonic SS-300FS
DIMM N/B PC3200 CL2.5 512MB x 2 DualDDR
HDD Seagate ST312002 AS6 120GB SATA (2 drives)
DVD Super Multi LG GSA-4120B
CD-R/RW AOpen COM5232/AAH PRO DVD-ROM combo drrive
PCMCIA Adapter I-O DATA CardDoc/SC ATA Card Only
Video Xia (AOpen) A85DVC-64 RADEON8500LELE
SCSI RATOC REX-PCI30HX Advansys SCSI controller
OS Microsoft WindowsXp SP2