Software Cooling Function Enabler for 32bit Athlon Series on Win32
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Full set Version 2.1.0 Released 2005/05/28 Download Description


The software cooling function is implemented usually on Windows2000 or Windows98 installed ACPI mode. This function is not effective in general M/B (BIOS) for the SlotA/SocketA Athlon series. Using the general software cooler like KCPUCooler on Windows95 or Windows98 installed AMP mode, it becomes the similar result. Therefore, the temperature of CPU rises considerably in the idle state when used high power consumption CPU such as Thunderbird or Palomino.

This software makes the software cooling function work by changing the setting of host bridge for SlotA/SocketA chipset.

Behavior environment

You can this software with the M/B adopted AMD, VIA, SiS, nVidia chipset. It has not corresponded to the ALi and ATI chipset yet. If you use SiS740 or prior, this software might not be able to use regularly with the side effect.

This software is corresponded to Windows95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP. It did operation check with Windows98SE, Windows2000 SP4 and WindowsXp SP1.

PCIDEBUG.DLL which has been installed separately in 1.x. is not necessary. You can install this software just only execute downloaded file and appoint the folder you will install.