CoolON 2.1.0

This version has not the detailed documents. But I release this as the regular version, because I was implemented all functions that I assumed necessary. I will release the detailed documents to CoolON Project/Download/CoolON as soon as I have made out.


You can install this software just only execute the downloaded self extract archive, and appoint the folder you will install.

PCIDEBUG.SYS/PCIDBG95.VXD which has been installed separately in 1.x.x is not necessary. Furthermore, there is no either compatibility of the user settings file. Therefore, if you install to 1.x.x installation folder, please delete all files in advance.

Fundamental usage

First, check the effect

Start the temperature monitoring software such as Motherboard Monitor, and confirm CPU temperature in idle. Next, start coolon.exe, and check the "Cooling" check-box on PCR tab (Alt+P -> Alt+C). If CPU temperature in idle is decreased by this operation, you obtain the effect of CoolON.

If you use CoolON 1.x.x, please check the effect after delete the shortcut in startup and reboot Windows.

Next, make the shortcut in Startup

If you obtain the effect, do the following operation. With this, software cooling is enabled automatically when starting Windows.
Click the 'Shortcut' tab (Alt+S) -> Click the 'Startup' tab -> Check the 'Cooling' check-box -> Click the 'Make' button.

CoolON teminates automatically after processing. So, CoolON not stay permanently.

When troubles occurred by Cooling ON

CoolON 2.0+ is designed to correspond the troubles at Cooling ON that was not able to correspond with 1.x. If troubles occurred by Cooling ON, please see the CoolON Project/Support/FAQ.

Asking for behavior reports

At length, CoolON was improved as major update. However, 32bit based Athlon series already starts facing the end.

I think that I want to compile the knowledge of software cooling about 32bit based Athlon series. Therefore, please contribute the report whether CoolON is effective or not.

You can contribute the behavior report very easily on this version.
1. Click Report button (Alt+R)
2. Fill in some required items
3. Correct some items if you need
4. Click Send button (Alt+S)

Before you ask question to CoolON Project/Support/BBS, please contribute behavior report first.


Utilization and distribution

Hidemi Oya reserves the copyright of this software. However, you can use this software freely becase it is free software.

You can distribute this software freely without the auther's permission, if it circulate as the free software. You can carry this software to the magazine or book without the auther's permission, but you sholud send it to the auther.

Escape clause

This software is non support as general rule, and the auther does not owe the duty of support. Furthermore, even if some damage is given to the user by using this software, the author does not owe any duty.

However, I will support as much as possible, also CoolON Project/Support/BBS and CoolON Project/Support/FAQ are installed for that. Please feel free to contribute to the BBS when you have some questions and demands.


From this version, the drivers were changed from PCIDEBUG.SYS/PCIDBG95.VXD to CpuInfo.sys/SysInfo.vxd that developed for CrystalCPUID, to imprement MSR getting/setting function. CpuInfo.sys has become coolon.sys that CoolON use exclusively. I thank sincerely for Mr. hiyohiyo, he developed coolon.sys, and permitted bundling these drivers to CoolON.

Modification point from CoolON 2.0.0

Added '/Wn' option to command-line options

When starting from the start-up, CoolON delays initialization for 'n' seconds if this option is specified. You can set this option in the Shortcut -> Startup tab.

Fixed the bug that platform information cannot get accurately

Fiexd the bug that Main Board or BIOS information cannot get accurately from DMI. This is not to mean it came to be able to get the information that doesn't exist in DMI.

Fixed the bug that the existing function number cannot get from a few PCRs.

Fixed the bug that CoolON can get only a consecutive function number, when the function number of PCR existed in discontinuity.