Software Cooling Function Enabler for 32bit Athlon Series on Win32
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CoolON Project is the site for download and support CoolON that software cooling function enabler for Athlon/Duron developped by Hidemi Oya.


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2005/05/28 This page. There are site map and update information.
2005/05/28 Download page for regulary released CoolON.
2005/05/28 Development history of CoolON.
2005/02/24 Download page for provisionally relseased CoolON.
2014/06/27 Bulletin board for support and communication.
2012/05/12 Bulletin board for frequently asked questions.
2013/05/19 You can search and inspect the behavior reports.
2005/03/01 Described development policy.
2005/03/09 hat is the Software Cooling?
2005/02/28 Method to make FSB266 Thoroughbred to FSB333
2005/03/14 Link to software cooling tools.
2005/03/13 Link to Hidemi Oya's site.